We have installed Warp on AWS to run on g3 instances.

Version available: 1.0.8

Currently it is only available in US-East-2 so that we can keep the software update with Dimitry's latest additions.


  1. Log onto AWS (Make sure you are in US-East-2)
  2. and select g3.4xlarge to boot up a machine with 1 GPU. If you want more GPUs, you can request g3.8xlarge or g3.16xlarge for 2 or 4 GPUs, respectively.
  3. Select the AMI:
    • v1.0.5 - ami-08522966b8ede1fed ("WarpEM-1.0.5")
    • v1.0.4 - ami-0b83ff62b22729b75 ("WarpEM-v1.04")
    • v1.0.8 - ami-0914ee66ec10dd183 ("WarpEM-v1.08")
  4. Be sure to consider spot prices - these g3 instances have been hovering at a lower price (~$1.00/hr spot price vs. $1.80/hr on-demand) as of August 2018.
  5. Unlike linux machines, these windows machines require that you connect using a remote desktop client. For Mac OSX, this can be downloaded as 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'.
  6. To get the login information, click on the running instance in the AWS dashboard and then click 'Connect'
  7. This will bring up a window like this:

  • Click on 'Download Remote Desktop File' to get the file for access the machine.
  • NOTE: If you click Get Password, it will not work. We have already set the password (See below)

8.  Add this remote desktop file into the Microsoft Remote Desktop application:

  • You might want to change the default resolution of the remote desktop to a larger size if you are accessing this from a small screen:

9. Connect to machine, accepting all dialog boxes that pop up.

10. Login credentials: Username - Administrator; Password - cryoemNobel2017!


This will log you into the windows machine on AWS.

Warp installation notes:

  • There is a shortcut to Warp icon on the Desktop will open Warp
  • Warp is installed on the Desktop in the directory named Warp-1.0.4
  • The boxnet models have already been downloaded into the Warp directory on the Desktop

Where should you put your data?

We have created a 800 GB drive in the D:// that is the best place to put your data.

For using Warp on AWS, we highly recommend uploading compressed TIFF files since they are much smaller. This will take up less space on the machine and also reduce data upload time.

Data transfer

Preferred way to move data: Globus

If you have a Globus endpoint hosted at your institution, Globus is the best way to move data back and forth. Follow the instructions to download and setup a Globus endpoint on the AWS windows machine.

Other ways

We haven't tried these yet, but these software programs should also work:

  • FileZilla
  • winSCP