Beyond offering a cloud-platform for cryo-EM, we also built a basic project management workflow so that users are able to analyze AND manage their data on AWS.

This means that you can utilize the high durability of data storage on AWS to securely store your data on S3. This storage and management is taken care of by cryoem-cloud-tools, so that you don't need to worry about hiring an IT admin to manage your data.

Overall workflow:

The overall workflow for project management centers around the storage of your data on S3.

  1. Initialize project directory
  2. Analyze cryo-EM data
  3. Optional:
    • Clone project to alternative machine
  4. Archive critical data to Glacier for cold storage

Initialize project directory

BEFORE you start any processing, you need to initialize your directory so that cryoem-cloud-tools is able to manage your project via AWS.

Important: The project name on AWS will be the directory name from where the initialization is launched. For instance, if you are in the directory BetaGal_March2017, then this will be the name listed for your project on AWS.

Notes about project initialization:

  • Folder name will become name on AWS. Therefore, pick the name of your project directory wisely so you can easily monitor your projects.

Analyze cryo-EM data

Analyze cryo-EM data using Relion-2.0 GUI.

Optional: Clone project to different machine/laptop

Coming soon! Under construction

Archive cold-storage data to Glacier

Coming soon! Under construction