To help usher in a new set of software tools, we have set up a brand new website to help show users all of the cloud computing resources that are available for cryo-EM.

For us, the cloud is broadly defined as any and all remote computing. This means that ‘cloud’ computing could be on Amazon Web Services or San Diego Supercomputer Center.  To make sure users know all options that are available to them, we are presenting two major choices:

  1. Pay-as-you-go: This option takes advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the world’s largest cloud computing provider. This approach solve structures on-demand without any wait times. But, it will also cost $$. That said, it is still  much less expensive than buying new GPU workstations (<$800 per structure)
  2. Free‘: For users who do not want to pay for computing time, there is another choice that is under development: COSMIC( COSMIC2 is a science gateway hosted at the National Science Foundation-funded Comet supercomputer, which is a part of the San Diego Supercomputer Center.  As such, it is a free-resource for the cryo-EM community.

These options represent two great choices for cryo-EM users who do not want to invest in computing infrastructure.