Doesn't it take a long time to upload to AWS?

If you are at a major, R1 research university, you should be able to have good networking to AWS. Obviously, using WiFi won't have great upload speeds, but data servers should. Talk to your IT manager to check out your networking capacity. If you still aren't sure, post to our forums and we can help talk you through it.

At UCSD, we can use multi-file uploading programs to get 300 MB/sec uploads to AWS. This means we can move a 200 GB particle stack to AWS in ~5 minutes. 

How much will it cost?

Typical costs for RELION 2D and 3D analysis will be <$300 per structure. That said, it obviously depends on how many runs you are performing.

Some example numbers for a recent structure:

  • 2D classification:
    • $129.60 - 509,184 particles (80 x 80)
  • 3D classification:
    • $57.60 - Multiple rounds of 3D classification
  • 3D refinement:
    • $28.80 - Single round of refinement
  • Total = $216.00

For both cisTEM and cryoSPARC, we expect these costs to be less considering their speed relative to RELION.