cisTEM on AWS

Another software package integrated in AWS – cisTEM! This is a powerful new software under beta release that stands to provide scientists with another high-resolution pipeline for structure determination. This is slightly different from other packages in that you can either use command line driven GUIs that are opened remotely, or, you can connect via […]

cryoSPARC on AWS

We are pleased to announce that we finalized the protocol for installing & launching cryoSPARC on AWS! Since we can’t distribute the software via AWS, we have provided instructions for users to do a one-time install of cryoSPARC and then also provided the information on using cryoSPARC after it is installed. Learn more here.

New software tools, new website

To help usher in a new set of software tools, we have set up a brand new website to help show users all of the cloud computing resources that are available for cryo-EM. For us, the cloud is broadly defined as any and all remote computing. This means that ‘cloud’ computing could be on Amazon Web Services or […]