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Cryo-EM in the cloud 

The 'cloud' has become an integral part of big data processing across many disciplines. Due to the ever-increasing computational demand of cryo-EM, turning to cloud resources can allow for many users to solve structures as-fast-as-possible without any queueing / wait times.

This website will serve as the central location that will document and update cloud-computing resources available to the cryo-EM community. If you are looking for the 'old' cryo-EM in the cloud website, you can find it here.

Tools for cloud computing

We have developed new approaches to help users solve structures as quick and with as little hassle as possible.

  1. Integration of Amazon Web Services into Relion-2.0 GUI
    • Users can manage data locally, but run jobs remotely with just a click of the 'Submit' button
  2. New command-line tools to start & stop instances on AWS
    • Utilize new generation of p2 instances for GPU-based Relion2 refinement without a headache of logging into AWS
  3. Atomic coordinate refinement with Rosetta
    • Submit a single command to launch Rosetta on the cloud
  4. Command-line free cryo-EM data processing
    • COSMIC2 science gateway opens the door to new cryo-EM users

See below (and above) for more details on how to take advantage of these powerful tools.

Latest news

Available software



Perform all processing tasks for cryo-EM structure determination with the RELION software package developed by Sjors Scheres & coworkers.


Utilize the molecular modeling & flexible fitting software Rosetta to dock atomic structures over a range of resolutions, from 3 - 10 Angstroms.


Leverage the new software suite cryoSPARC by launching webservers that run GPU-accelerated structural analyses.


Software package from Nikolaus Grigorieff, Tim Grant, and Alexis Rohou.

Cloud location: 

Cloud location: 

Cloud location: 

Cloud computing infrastructure & resources


Amazon Web Services

The leading provider of cloud computing resources, Amazon Web Services, allows users to 'pay-as-you-go' for all computing tasks.

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COSMIC Science Gateway

Take advantage of the NSF-funded Comet supercomputer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to run Relion jobs for free using NSF-allocated computing resources.